Specializations & Certifications

How Do I Earn IT Certification at Crooms?

Students earn technology certifications by taking and passing industry certification exams. Certain courses are geared towards industry certification and help prepare students for specific tests. Below is a list of certification exams and the courses that prepare students to successfully pass those exams.

Industry Certifications


Certification Exam

Corresponding Course

CompTIA A+*

Network Concepts/Computer Maintenance and Repair Technology Support Services - Network Systems

CompTIA Network+*


CompTIA Security+*

CET1179, Computer and Network Security Fundamentals

Adobe Dreamweaver Associate


Foundations of Web Programming

Adobe Photoshop Associate

GRA2201; Digital Design I, II, III, IV; 2-D Graphic Development

Adobe Premiere Pro Associate

Digital Media Fundamentals, Digital Media Production Systems

Adobe InDesign Associate

Digital Design 1, DIG2000

Adobe Illustrator Associate

DIG2000, Game & Simulation 2D Graphic Development

Autodesk 3ds Max

Game & Simulation 3D Graphic Animation


Cisco Networking courses (4)

IT Fundamentals

Digital Information Technology

MTA Introduction to Programming using HTML

Web Programming, COP2830

MTA Introduction to Programming using Java

COP1000, Foundations of Programming

MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Network Concepts/Computer Maintenance & Repair, Technology Support Services - Client Systems

NAF Track Certification

Any 4 Tech Courses and Full Credit Paid Internship



*These certifications are not on the CAPE Secondary funding list, as such student families will be expected to fund the cost per attempt prior to testing. (Cost is subject to change)


College Technical Certifications


Classes toward a Web Development Technical Certificate at Seminole State College

Required: COP1000 Principles of Programming, COP2830 Web Programming I, COP2831 Advanced JavaScript’s, and COP2833 Data Driven Websites

Choose 2: COP2836, COP2047, or CEN2724

Classes toward a Computer Programming Specialist Technical Certificate at Seminole State College

Required: CET1179 Network Concepts and Operating Systems, CGS2545C Database Management, COP1000 Principles of Computer Programming, , COP2800 Programming in Java

Choose 1: CGS2100C or CIS2028

Choose 1: COP2224, COP2360, COP2830, COP2047